Amazon Enters First Carbon Removal Credits Deal

Amazon Inc. will purchase 250,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) credits over 10 years.

Amazon’s 1st Big Investment in CDR Credits
Investing in carbon removal credits is the retailer giant’s latest effort to offset the emissions of its massive fleet of delivery vans, trucks, and aircraft.
The Seattle-based company aims to reach net zero emissions by 2040 by making significant operational changes. Amazon focuses on shifting to electric vehicles and using renewable energy like solar power.
The purchased carbon removal credits will also be for offsetting a part of its carbon emissions that can’t be avoided.

Recently, Amazon has been investing in nature-based solutions such as reforestation and forest preservation projects worldwide. The e-commerce giant is also betting on renewable energy to bolster sustainability.
Since Amazon announced its net zero pledge in 2019, it has seen a slight decline in its footprint in 2022. There’s a 0.4% drop from the previous year amid 9% net sales growth. The same goes for its carbon intensity.

The 10-year CDR purchase agreement marks Amazon’s first big investment in a technological carbon sequestration solution

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