Apple Reveals First-Ever Carbon Neutral Watch, Aims to Offset 25% Product Emissions with Carbon Credits

Apple announced that its all-new Watch Series 9 marks its first-ever carbon-neutral product, representing the iPhone maker’s giant step towards its ambitious goal of meeting carbon neutrality by 2030.
Apple’s carbon emissions reduction strategy focuses on three key areas: electricity, materials, and transportation.
The tech giant underlines the importance of reducing emissions within these sectors before using high-quality carbon credits from nature-based projects to offset any remaining emissions.

Apple’s Decade-Long Journey to 2030 Carbon Neutrality

Apple’s path to carbon neutrality began over a decade ago and has since achieved significant milestones. In 2020, the company attained carbon neutrality for its global corporate operations and announced the Apple 2030 strategy, aiming for carbon neutrality or net zero carbon across its entire value chain by 2030. Achieving carbon-neutral corporate operations involves the use of 324,100 metric tons (Mt) CO2e of carbon removal credits.
The company’s 2030 strategy revolves around a 75% reduction in overall carbon emissions from 2015 levels. And Apple has already reduced total emissions by more than 45% while simultaneously increasing revenue by over 65%.

Apple Net Zero Emissions Roadmap

While the tech giant is still working its way towards its 2030 climate goal, it managed to achieve a significant milestone as it announced its first-ever carbon-neutral watch series


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