Finding the Right Auto Parts Store

When it’s time to replace components on your vehicle, you want to find the best deals on quality parts. Discount auto parts stores that sell new and rebuilt parts at lower prices can help you save money over dealer prices. Here are some tips for finding a good auto parts store:

Look for stores that specialize in your vehicle’s make or model. Stores that focus on certain brands or types of vehicles typically have a larger, more affordable selection of parts for those vehicles. They’re also more likely to have staff with expertise in your specific vehicle.

Check the store’s return policy. Look for a store with a hassle-free return policy in case you get the wrong part or it doesn’t fit properly. Most stores will allow returns of unused parts within a certain number of days of purchase.

See if they offer warranty on parts. Rebuilt or remanufactured parts often come with a warranty in case they fail after installation. New parts may also have a limited warranty. Make sure any warranty offered will cover the part for at least as long as a factory warranty.

Do some price comparisons. Compare the store’s prices on common replacement parts like alternators, batteries, brake pads, and oxygen sensors with other local stores and online retailers. See which store consistently has the best deals before you start shopping there regularly.

Inquire about discounts and loyalty programs. Many parts stores offer discounts for members of certain automotive clubs or associations. They may also have loyalty programs that provide discounts and rewards for frequent customers. Sign up for any available programs to save even more.

Buying from a reputable auto parts store with an inventory tailored to your vehicle and affordable prices can save you hundreds of dollars over time. Be sure to also check for the best quality as not all discount parts are created equal. With some comparison shopping, you can get the parts you need at outlet prices.


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