Who are the biggest buyers of Carbon Credits?

Researchers found that at least 36% of large companies buy carbon credits voluntarily to offset their footprint. The analyzed companies include the world’s biggest and top S&P 500 businesses. The findings revealed that Microsoft, Salesforce, Goldman Sachs, Disney, and Nike, among others are the top buyers.

In a separate Bloomberg analysis of data from Verra, the largest buyers of voluntary carbon credits are cryptos, airlines, and carmakers. The analysis covers only about 50% of the global carbon market in 2021 as data is voluntarily disclosed.

On the sellers’ side, in case you don’t know it yet, Tesla is the largest seller of carbon credits under the California cap-and-trade system. The company had earned billions of dollars from it.
Last year, Tesla’s total carbon credit sales reached a record $1.78 billion. All thanks to the carmaker’s hundreds of thousands of sold EVs.

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